Independent testing Fuel Shootout: Ultrablaze MX 18 K2 vs. VP MR Pro 6

Independent testing Fuel Shootout:  Ultrablaze MX 18 K2 vs. VP MR Pro 6
If there's one thing we love at ETS, it's independent testing. As we've continued to state, developing winning racing fuel is highly complex, and simple numbers like octane rating rarely tell the full story of how a fuel performs. That's why we applaud people like Kris Keefer of Keefer, Inc. whose mission is to "elevate the standards of reliability and trustworthiness in all forms of performance and durability testing in the motorcycle industry..."

Last year, Kris tested our Ultrablaze US MX 18 K2 against VP's MR Pro 6. (and standard pump fuel as a control).

Using the Vortex ignition system from Twisted Development that allows for preloading of multiple engine maps, Kris loaded maps for all three fuels and went out riding — switching maps when he switched fuels. 

We don't want to spoil the ending or anything, so we encourage you to read the full article.

but we've included an excerpt here because we can't resist.

"To me the biggest selling point (besides increased power feeling) was the consistency the fuel had over the course of a 30 minute moto. With the VP I had a clean running engine feel up until 18 minutes and then it started to boil (on very warm days), but with the ETS fuel the KTM ran crisp and clean throughout the entire moto. This was huge for me! There were no remnants of fuel puking out the vent house and I could do a full day of motos with zero boiling issues." 

Thanks Kris! We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Please visit the Keefer, Inc. website for more objective testing from Kris!